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About Stone River 

Stone River Interiors is a Sussex-based interior design studio founded in 2021 by Dani Pyant. 

Working with many leading suppliers in the industry and, with extensive knowledge and experience, Stone River offers you guidance, expertise and inspiration at every step of your journey to creating your dream home.

With a focus on light-filled, modern spaces that are timeless, lived-in and informal, Stone River Interiors aims to create beautiful, functional spaces that expertly reflect your personal style. 

Dani Pyant

Founder and Creative Director 

Based in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex, Dani studied Interior Design at KLC School of Design and the Interior Designer's Business School. She has completed many large residential projects and strives to create interiors where warmth and authenticity are at the heart. 

Dani’s style is both relaxed and informal, blending traditional and modern elements to create beautiful spaces that reflect your unique personality and lifestyle. She believes that our homes should function perfectly for the needs we ask of them - and creating beautiful, timeless interiors is about so much more than making a space look nice. How you feel about a space and the emotions associated with those feelings can have a powerful effect on our physical and mental wellbeing. 

“I believe that warmth, integrity and individuality should filter through into each and every project that we undertake. A deep understanding of the client’s brief along with the nature and characteristics of the property and its surroundings ensure that no two projects’ feel the same’.


Dani’s attention to detail and easy-going, friendly nature form the basis of each project, often taking inspiration from nature and the outdoors to ensure a cohesive and considered home that you will love for years to come. 

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